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Many properties in New Jersey have conservation easements. These are areas of land that are environmentally sensitive. For example, the property in the easement might have a stream running through it. It may be a wooded open space area that NJ law requires builders to set aside when they build new homes. What does this mean to you, the home buyer? If you are considering purchasing a property with a conservation easement, make sure you have a chance to review the property survey before you buy. Its important to determine exactly where the easement is located on the property you want to buy.

Land in the designated conservation area cannot be changed. You CANNOT 1) clear the wooded shrubbery 2) fill in and grade the area with soil 3) add any permanent structure like a shed, a deck, or a pool.

If the conservation easement is along the rear or side  property line, that is more desirable than an easement running through the center of the property or close to house footprint. If the easement is along the property line, then you will face fewer restrictions, if any if you want to remove trees, add a shed, or build a pool.

Posted on November 4, 2017 at 9:32 am by Diane Belcuore

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