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As a full time Real Estate Professional for the past 23 years, I have seen many changes in the home selling and buying processes. In fact, it is why my job is always exciting. There are always new things to learn! There are always new techniques for selling homes that are worth trying.

This year, more than ever, I have seen a dramatic change in how buyers consider properties for sale. Buyers and their agents no longer rely on visiting public and broker open houses to preview homes. Instead they rely on the first digital impression of the property for sale In order to make the best first impression, you should have all information about your home available digitally when you list your property for sale.

First, and the most basic requirement, is to have quality digital photos of your home. Since most real estate websites allow at least 25 photos, you should have a minimum of 100 digital photos taken. You should have rooms taken from different angles, as well as photos showing different views of the property. When considering what photos to use, be sure the focus is on the permanent architectural features of the home and not the furniture. By having an abundant inventory of digital photos, you can have your listing ‘refreshed’ periodically by changing the online photos.

Next, a video walk through has become an invaluable tool to buyers. This helps buyers visualize the home’s curb appeal, as well as the actual layout of the home’s interior, such as whether the living area features an open floor plan and how much natural light there is.

Additionally, an online floor plan of your home’s interior assists buyers to understand room sizes and layouts. It’s particularly helpful to buyers who want to consider adding on to the home or opening up walls. If you have a detailed property survey showing your home’s building envelope and boundary setbacks, offering this online helps buyers determine expansion possibilities such as building a pool, patio, or deck.

To help buyers appreciate your property and neighborhood, there are two more great digital tools. A panoramic virtual tour of your home and property will enable buyers to view your home’s layout as well as seeing the neighboring properties and street. Aerial photography of your property provides buyers with a great way to view the size of your home site, as well as the surrounding area. This is particularly beneficial to feature homes on large lots, vacant building lots, or properties with farming potential.

Once you and your REALTOR have put together all this information, it can be added to all websites where your home is being advertised to make the best first impression.

There are many benefits to offering so much information about your home online. It makes your property standout among property listings when buyers do their initial home search. It reduces traffic into your home by reducing the need for open houses and previews. It turns buyers into informed consumers about your home. They can use tools like the online floor plan and online survey to check with local zoning and construction departments about expanding or remodeling. The more information you provide online about your home, the easier the purchase decision will be.

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Posted on September 13, 2019 at 6:27 am by Diane Belcuore

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